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Rebecca Dutton

I wanted to make a change in my career but didn't know how to make it happen. Then a bomb went off under me when I had a stroke and I learned that I can deal with change.

Adora Palmer

What a wonderful pep talk about getting on with the next chapter in one's life. I would to add that you have found yet another carreer post stroke. You are passing along vital information and encouragement to all who read your blog. Now that's a contribution to applaud.
Miss you down her in HMB, but you're missing some rainy days, so enjoy your time away. We'll have some sunshine awaiting your return.

Kathy Pujat

Very profound and so true!

Marta Szwaya

I was a 100 hour a week person, traveled to a different city every day. Tomorrow is my last day at my highpaying, high status corporate job. Then I had a brain hemorhage at the airport. It may have saved my life.Next week, I will be working at the small business my husband and I own; working with 20 employees rather than being responsible for a thousand. Without the stroke, I would have been on the corporate treadmill until I dropped dead likely.I'll be blogging on my new life next weekI am excited to see where it takes me.Excited about new. Marta


You are probably the push I needed and paved the path ahead.

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