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My Little Seagull - THIS IS TERRIBLE! It sounds like throwing someone into the deep end of the pool & saying, "Sink or Swim!" Would you like for me to come out there & beat them up?????

Barb Tallberg

Seems to me an opportunity to forward your blog experience to the coastal ride service you utilized ~~ alert them of the possibility that alternative competition could take advantage of their poor service. I'd even consider a YELP post...just to spice things up a bit. There is absolutely no excuse for you to have been treated so poorly, and with no apologies. My sushi treat next time!!

Kathy Pujat

Wish I lived closer so I could help you out. How can any business offer less than superior service these days when competition is so steep. Then again, I think all businesses should offer superior services all the time!


Thanks to you, Kathy, Lynn, and Barb.

Still have not heard if I am even accepted into this program

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