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Elaine Bowers

I read "somewhere" some time ago about a treatment for a person who had a stroke and as a result the left side was paralyzed. The treatment was to "disable" the right side so the person was forced to use the left side. There were good results. Sorry my reference is only that famous "somewhere".

Sheila Whitley

29 Gifts will soon become a part of our library. I believe the energy we transmit is a vital part of our well being. My friend and OCW (Class of '64) classmate, Kathryn Quattlebaum, has been challenged by MS since diagnosis in 1969. Currently she is in a nursing home in Rockwall, TX, a suberb of Dallas. She received another health 'whammy' a couple of years ago.....diabetis. A homeopathic nurse worked with her and taught her techniques of mental imagery. Over a period of several months of visualizing herself involved in a regime of physical exercise and eating a proper diet, her diabetis is/has remained under control.

You GO GIRL! Your positive spirit serves you well.

Sheila Whitley (and Sylvia)


Hmm, third attempt to post...

This is an excellent video and an amazing phenomenon. I first learned about it from Norman Doidge on PBS and later from Jill Bolte Taylor in her amazing book "My Stroke of Genius". She's done a lot of videos as well, including

Her recovery has been spectacular. Hopefully yours will proceed likewise! LBA

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