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In keeping with your article Precious Friend I'll pass on some words of wisdom I got from my sweet daughter Carrie.
"You can water the flowers or you can water the weeds."

Adora Palmer

Wow. It really works. I have an ex-law that still gets under my skin and makes it crawl. It's not a nice feeling so I did the stop and swap, remembering some good times and qualities. No more crawlies!
So pleased you let us click on a prior article, one which I had missed.
You continue to be an inspiration and I pray your blog spreads out and touches many with the good it brings.


Lynn, tell Carrie thanks for the "water the flowers or the weeds" insight.

I have often thought that we should pay as much attention to the garden in our minds as we do to the gardens next to our houses.

-- Edie


Good news, Adora. Thanks for letting us know about your experience.


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